Arthritis is a common phenomenon in more than 60 million adults and 400,000 children all around the world, but it is not known or often mistaken for a disease. Arthritis itself is not a disease but a medical way of referring to a joint pain or joint disease. It is more common among females and the chances of its occurrence increase with age.


· Swelling around the joint area. Arthritis will develop symptoms around the joint area only. A swelling may be the first symptom.

· Decreased range of motion of the bones connected within the joint.

· Arthritis may sometimes induce visible changes as symptoms. A common example would be knobby finger joints; however, it does not always direct to Arthritis. Any further confirmation can be obtained via X-ray results.

Kinds of Arthritis:

There can be 4 different kinds of arthritis:

· Degenerative Arthritis: Caused when the cartilage from the joints wears off, causing bones to rub against each other. This results in swelling, pain and other major symptoms. Can be corrected with therapy suggested by a chiropractor Coventry.

· Inflammatory arthritis: Internal inflammation triggered by your immune system can sometime get mistaken and attack the joints. This causes inflammatory arthritis.

· Infectious arthritis: A bacterium or virus can enter and camp in your joints, causing inflammation. This can easily be treated by antibiotics.

What can be done?

The diagnosis of arthritis is first and foremost in the therapy procedure as it will determine what kind your Arthritis is. The primary tests (including blood tests if needed) will begin from a primary care physician. After the diagnosis when a patient is sure of the kind, the arthritis can be treated by antibiotics if inflammatory or a chiropractor Coventry can be sought for therapy to recover the joints and gradually increase mobility.